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Ovente Electric Kettle - Instant Hot Water Boiler Heater

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Ovente's Portable Electric Kettle - Boil Water in Seconds for Your Favorite Hot or Cold Beverages!

- Double Wall Insulated: The double-wall insulation of this kettle helps to keep water hot for longer periods, while also preventing the exterior from getting too hot to touch.
- Automatic Shut-Off: The kettle features an automatic shut-off function that turns off the heating element once the water has reached boiling point, ensuring safety and preventing over-boiling.

The Ovente Portable Electric Kettle is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy hot beverages on the go. With a 1.7-liter capacity, this kettle is great for making coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. The 1100W double-wall insulated design ensures that the water heats up quickly and stays hot for longer periods. The kettle is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that the kettle turns off when the water reaches boiling point, making it safe to use. The sleek black design of the Ovente Portable Electric Kettle makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen or office space.