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Intasting Double Wall Electric Tea Kettle

Experience the Perfect Cup of Tea with INTASTING's Double Wall Electric Kettle - Fast Heating, Safe, and Stylish in Matte Black Finish!

- Durable and Stylish: The seamless stainless steel inner and matte black exterior of the kettle make it not only durable but also stylish, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.
- BPA-Free: The kettle is made of BPA-free materials, ensuring that the water you boil is safe and free from harmful chemicals. This makes it a great choice for health-conscious individuals who want to avoid exposure to toxins.

The INTASTING Double Wall Electric Kettle is a must-have for tea lovers. The seamless stainless steel inner ensures that your hot water is clean and safe for consumption. With a 1500W fast heating system, you'll have hot water in no time. The 1.5L capacity is perfect for making multiple cups of tea or for heating water for cooking. The kettle also features an auto shut-off and boil dry protection system, ensuring that it's safe to use and won't overheat. The LED indicator light lets you know when your water is ready, making it easy to use even in low light conditions. The matte black finish adds a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen.